Information Technology

IT Department Responsibilities

  • Manages various interconnected local-area networks that form the City’s wide-area network, the backbone of the infrastructure that allows data sharing between all City City employees, departments, facilities and the public at large
  • Oversees a number of file, application, web, e-mail and domain controller servers used to direct information flow across the networks
  • Acts in an advisory and project management capacity for departmental technology purchases used to streamline work flow and improve productivity
  • Analyzes emerging technology and determines how and when its application becomes relevant and cost effective to City business
  • Administers a revolving technology replacement program that ensures scheduled replacement of hardware such as desktop computers, servers and network equipment before they become obsolete
  • Provides first-, second-, and third-level technical support for all software and hardware issues
  • Purchases. installs, maintains and repairs IT equipment, such as workstations, servers and network / telecommunications hardware
  • Manages the telephone and voicemail systems for all buildings; these include a mixture of digital and IP-based platforms
  • Supports the PIO Office to maintain the City’s web presence, including social media, to promote transparency  
  • Manages a fleet of over 200 mobile devices, including phones, tablets and air cards, using an Enterprise Mobility Management solution for provisioning, tracking and supervising city-owned devices 
  • Provides GIS map and data services to all city departments 


  • The IT department is headed by an IT Director who reports to the Deputy City Manager, Operations
  • The department manages roughly 525 computers and 60 virtual and physical servers spread across 10 discrete buildings:
    • Town Center, including the Recreation / Civic Center and the Public Library
    • Police Department
    • Three Fire Stations
    • Fire Training Academy
    • Municipal Service Center
    • Water Pumping Station
    • Senior Center
    • Moseley Pool


DeSoto, Texas has distinguished itself by continuing to invest in innovative solutions for court and law enforcement procedures, as well as continuing its focus on improved cybersecurity. In particular, the city has continued to expand its innovative “e-court” video arraignment program, which allows defendants to communicate with the judge over video chat. This year, the court also began allowing the public to communicate with staff using Web chat and text to mitigate issues, sign paperwork, ask questions and set up payment plans.

DeSoto wins National Digital Cities Award 2018 for third year in a row

The influential Center for Digital Government (CDG) announced Friday that the City of DeSoto (Texas) has been awarded the coveted Digital Cities Survey Award for the third consecutive year, moving up on the national top ten list from 6th to 4th place among all US cities with populations of up to 75,000. Only ten cities across the nation in each population category receive this award, which is earned by demonstrating the successful use of technology to facilitate citizen interaction, enhance service delivery, and increase transparency.


DeSoto wins national Digital Cities award 2017 for second year in a row

“This is exciting news! Congratulations to the IT Department on again winning such a prestigious award,” said DeSoto Mayor Curtistene McCowan. “The City of DeSoto recognizes the importance of innovation in every aspect of how we conduct business in order to deliver more efficient and high quality service to our citizens.”
DeSoto earned this award in part for working to be a mobile-first community. For several years the city has prefaced any software or system purchase with the question, “Is it mobile-friendly?” As a result, nearly every department can boast of being as mobile as possible, for internal business as well as citizen services.


DeSoto wins 2016 national Digital Cities award

The Center for Digital Government announced that DeSoto is one of 10 cities nationwide in the under 75,000 population category that is recognized for using technology to improve citizen services, enhance transparency and encourage citizen engagement.

"Over the past six years, our ultimate goal has been to create an unprecedented level of financial transparency and technology that will significantly improve processes in an effort to enhance our public services,” said DeSoto City Manager Tarron Richardson, Ph.D. “I am extremely proud of the hard work, due diligence and dedication of our IT Department for continuously pursuing the latest and greatest innovations in technology which enabled our City to achieve this prestigious award."


The Public Technology Institute announced that DeSoto won the 2017 Technology Solutions Significant Achievement Award in the Web and E-gov category for innovations implemented in the Municipal Court. This annual program recognizes PTI member local governments for their  use of technology to enhance government services and operations.

CDG16 DigCities Winner Image_300x250