DeSoto, Texas Historical Foundation


  • Comprised of seven (7) members who are appointed by City Council, as well as two (2) ex-officio members that are appointed on an as-needed basis.  These members serve three-year terms with term limits of six years.
  • Charged with cataloging, archiving, preserving, displaying to the public written or published material, artifacts and other physical items associated with or related to Nance Farm (a historical landmark of the City of DeSoto) and other historical sites within the city limits, educating the public on DeSoto’s history, conducting tours of Nance Farm, researching the history of Nance Farm and other historical sites within the city limits, applying for grants and other funding for the preservation and maintenance of Nance Farm, soliciting charitable donations and gifts for the preservation and maintenance of Nance Farm or other landmark properties or memorial facilities in the City of DeSoto.
Do you have an historical story to tell?
Would you like to make a monetary or tangible donation to help build the Historical Foundation’s collection of memorabilia? Please contact the City Manager's Office at 972-230-9643.

Staff Representative
Kristoff Bauer, Deputy City Manager
Email Deputy City Manager Bauer 

Council Liaison
Councilmember Nicole Raphiel


James Mitchell
Place 1
Initial Appointment: 06/20
Current Term Expires: 09/22
Ruth Peel
Place 2
Initial Appointment: 08/19
Current Term Expires: 09/23
Robin Hughey 
Place 3
Initial Appointment: 11/16
Current Term Expires: 09/22
James McConnell
Public Relations/Marketing
Place 6
Initial Appointment: 09/18
Current Term Expires: 9/21

Felicia Gonzaque
Place 4
Initial Appointment: 09/20
Current Term Expires: 09/23
Howard Cleveland
Place 5
Initial Appointment: 07/20 
Current Term Expires: 09/21
Brandi Johnson
Place 7
Initial Appointment: 01/19
Current term Expires: 09/21 

Meadowbrook Estates HOA
Initial Appointment: 
Current Term Expires: 

Ex-Officio Member
Mantlebrook HOA
Initial Appointment:
Current Term Expires: