Teacher Resources

Animated teacher at blackboard Teachers, Welcome to the DeSoto Public Library!

Library Cards for Teachers

The library provides free library cards to teachers in DeSoto. Simply provide proof of DeSoto employment and get a card today!

Assignment Alert

Teachers help the library help your students by telling us about your upcoming assignments and projects. Fill out the form below
and staff will be prepared with materials, resources, and helpful information for your students when they come in to work on
their project.

Assignment Alert Form

Animated students entering building Let Us Help You Plan a Library Visit with Your Class/Group!

The library is a fun and educational place to visit, and we welcome child care groups, preschools, clubs, and classrooms to bring
children to the library.

How to schedule your visit:
Call the library to make arrangements at 972.230.9666 (three weeks advance notice is required). Let the librarian know if you want a special topic or service.

Ask Us About Visiting Your Classroom:

Our librarians are also available to visit your classroom, parent group, faculty
meeting or special event. Please call 972.230.9666 for more information.