Snakes in North Texas

Snakes are indigenous to North Texas, and there is good chance that you might encounter one if you spend time outdoors. Snakes are active during the summer since they are cold-blooded and require the sun’s warmth for survival. It’s a good idea to be cognizant of your surroundings and be “on the lookout” when you’re out and about. Most all snakes in the area are non-venomous; however there is a couple that are, including copperheads and water moccasins.

If you see a snake, don’t provoke or agitate it. Try to go around the snake calmly not to disturb it. Most snakes feed on insects and small rodents and are a good source of natural predation when it comes to common pests. There’s not much that local animal control officers can do since the snake has usually moved out of the area by the time the officer arrives on scene. On rare occasions, snakes might find their way inside the house, and if so, animal control will gladly come and safely remove it for you. DeSoto Animal Control can be reached by calling 972.230.9600.