Fraud Hotline

ATTENTION: If you wish to report a Code Enforcement violation such as high grass and weeds, please use our GoRequest system at The Fraud Hotline is not intended for reporting Code Enforcement issues.  

This hotline is for reporting suspected fraud, waste or abuse against the city. This could take many forms, for example:
• Theft or Forgery
• Tampering with a government record
• Securing execution of document by deception
• Conversion of funds
• Abuse of office capacity
• Gift to public servant by a person subject to his or her jurisdiction
• Breach of computer security
• Bribery

Members of the public, City employees, contractors, and service providers are encouraged, when aware of a situation, to report suspicious activities or fraudulent acts against the City to the Fraud Hotline.

Fraud Hotline Contact Information
855.858.3344 -Toll-free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year