Park Project Update

Each year the Parks Division dedicates time and resources to enhancing the DeSoto parks system. Through the City’s annual budget process, funds are allocated to develop and enhance City parks and recreation facilities. Projects are implemented as recommended in the Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Community Facilities Master Plan and placed on the City’s Capital Improvements Program within the identified funding year.

Briarwood Park Project - Coming Soon

1625 W. Beltline Road

During the 2014 Bond Election, the citizens of DeSoto approved a series of park improvements focusing on developing a comprehensive trail system and additional amenity upgrades.  Briarwood Park was included in this Bond Election.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, construction has been interrupted.  Construction is anticipated to resume in early spring of 2020.
Park improvements include:

  • Two playgrounds
  • Picnic tables
  • Water fountain
  • Painting of park amenities
  • Landscapes improvements
  • Electrical and irrigation
  • Masonry work
  • LED lighting
  • Bridge enhancements
Construction is anticipated to be completed in 2020.

DeSoto Ranch Nature Trail Park Construction Project - Summer 2019 to Fall 2019

Near DeSoto Ranch Subdivision (Polk St & Woolridge)

During a successful bond election in 2014, the citizens of DeSoto approved the development of the nature trail system at DeSoto Ranch.

Trail improvements include:

  • Granite recreational trails
  • Environmental and wildlife signage
  • Boardwalks
  • Benches
  • Wildflower area
Construction is anticipated to be completed in late 2020.
 DRT_1  DRT_11  DRT_2
 DRT_22  DRT_3  DRT_33

Meadow Creek Park Phase II Project - In Progress

1400 Uhl Road

Funding for Meadow Creek Park improvements was approved by DeSoto voters in the 2014 Bond Referendum.
Park improvements include:

  • Addition of 4 athletic fields with irrigation and drainage
  • Lighting
  • Concrete walkway
  • Bleacher pad
  • Goal posts & scoreboards
  • Installation of new turf
  • Grading and soil amendments
Construction is anticipated to be completed in early Fall, 2018.

During the the months of August and September installation of the scoreboards, field lighting and goal posts are complete. New sod and the irrigation system was placed on the competition fields. The newly constructed practice field areas have been hydro-mulched for the germination process to begin.

BMX Track at Grimes Parks - Concrete Wall Support - Spring 2019

500 E. Centre Park Blvd.

The DeSoto BMX Arena was America's first covered bicycle motocross facility built exclusively for BMX racing in 1999. Since its opening, DeSoto's BMX Arena has been the home to many national and international events that host thousands of participants annually.  

Early last year, the west wall failed and was deemed as a potential hazard. PBK Achitects, Inc. was contracted to design a new concrete wall to provide additional safety for users. The wall will surround the track and maintain the packed soil in place for a safe infrastructure.
Wall_footer  Footer_Rebar  Trenching_wall_footer 

BMX Track at Grimes Parks - Restroom and Concession Addition - Coming Soon

500 E. Centre Park Blvd.

Participants who frequent the BMX facility are currently using portable restrooms. The BMX track is in need of a permanent concession and restroom facility. The design portion of this project is currently in progress. The Construction is expected to be concluded in 2019.

The DeSoto BMX Arena was America’s first covered bicycle motorcross facility built exclusively for BMX racing in 1999. Since it’s opening, DeSoto’s BMX Arena has been the home to many national and international events that host thousands of participants annually. Having
grown in massive popularity since the 1970's, the International Olympic Committee added BMX to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Riders include amateurs, professionals and Olympians from all over the world.

Trail Projects - Coming Soon

During the 2014 Bond Election, the citizens of DeSoto approved $1.575 million in park land improvements that included various trail projects: Mantlebrook Loop site for connection to the Roy Orr Trail, Briarwood Park, trail extensions at both Mirkes Parkway and Murphy Hills Park to Alpine Drive. The respective park land improvements are intended to close existing gaps and improve access and connections to the Roy Orr Trail.

Recreation Renovation Phase II Project - Completed December 2018

211 E. Pleasant Run Road

In order to promote the Council's work plan goal to maintain DeSoto as a safe, clean and attractive community, the Parks and Recreation Department has identified various areas in the recreation center that are in need of facility upgrades. Previous upgrades included the control center, flooring and reconfiguration of gymnasium entrance. Completion of this project is expected by early Winter.
Renovations include:
  • New track surface
  • Resurface gym floors
  • Painting and graphics
  • Replace basketball backboards and goal
  • Improved lighting
  • Reconfigure racquetball courts

 rec5  rec4  rec3
 rec2  rec1  rec6

Grimes Park Project - Field Renovation - Completed November 2018

501 E. Wintergreen Road

This project is taking a multi-use field that is not level and in poor shape and renovating it into a level safe area. The old grass was removed and the soil tilled, raked and leveled. 175 yards of sandy loam will be added and will be laser leveled. Finally new irrigation heads will be added and a 3 seed mixture called the Bermuda Triangle will be added. This is a mixture of 3 different similar growth, sports field Bermuda turf species seeds mixed together to create a drought and traffic tolerant sod. Staff will hydro-mulch the seed mixture, then fence the area off from use for up to 2 months to allow growth. It will then be opened back up for use as a beautiful, safe, level surface area. Construction is anticipated to be completed in early Fall, 2018.

 GrimesRV1a  GrimesRV1  GrimesRV3a

The park maintenance team completed the field restoration at Grimes Park. The maintenance team began the hydro-mulching and seeding stage. Next, the germination stage began which promoted seed growth. After months of ideal weather conditions for plant growth, the playing area is leveled and safe for play.

Civic Center - Bluebonnet Room Renovation - Completed August 2018

211 E. Pleasant Run Road

Over the past few years, the Civic Center Bluebonnet Rooms experienced significant deterioration in the audio system causing a decline in the sound quality and the overall experience for customers. 
Renovations include:

  • Presentation projector monitor
  • Projector screen with 165" diagonal veiwing surafce
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Improved touch panel controls for audio/visual equipment
  • Wireless microphones
  • 58" Yamaha high quality ceiling speakers
These upgrades will significantly improve the quality of audio and visual effects for internal and external customers.