November 3, 2020 Uniform Election Information

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Dallas County Elections Department began using Vote Centers in November 2019. This means that voters in Dallas County may vote on Election Day at any Dallas County polling location.  This is similar to how early voting is conducted now where voters can early vote at any early voting site in the county in which they are registered.

According to the City of DeSoto City Charter it states, "The City’s General Election shall be held annually on the uniform election day in May as prescribed by the Texas Election Code, at which time officers will be elected to fill those offices which become vacant that year.  The City Council shall fix the hours and place for holding such elections. All candidates for the City Council shall file for one place and shall be elected to that place by obtaining a majority of the votes cast."  

In addition, it states, "Any qualified person who desires to become a candidate for election to the office of Mayor or City Councilmember shall file an application for a place on the ballot with the City Secretary as provided by the Texas Election Code." Such notice has been posted under Election - Public Postings.

DeSoto Mayor and City Council  

CouncilmemberCurrent Elected OfficialTerm Ends
Mayor - Place 1Curtistene S. McCowanMay 2022
Mayor Pro Tem  Place 7Kenzie Moore, IIIMay 2021
Councilmember Place 2Kay Brown-PatrickMay 2020*
Councilmember Place 3Nicole RaphielMay 2022
Councilmember Place 4Andre’ Byrd, Sr.May 2020*
Councilmember Place 5Dr. Dinah MarksMay 2022
Councilmember Place 6Candice QuarlesMay 2021

*An election will be held on November 3, 2020, for terms ending in May 2020.  All offices are for a three-year term.

Qualifications to run for City Council are as follows:

1. Must be a citizen of the United States.
2. Must be qualified voter of the State of Texas.
3. Must be at least 18 years of age.
4. Must have resided for at least 1 year. *

*Must have resided for a least 1 year as of the deadline for filing for office within the council-represented district to which he or she seeks election, except for the Mayor, who may be a resident of any district of the City. Councilmembers shall continuously reside within the district from which he or she was elected during the person’s term of office, except for the Mayor, who may reside in any area of the City.

In addition, a member of the Council ceasing to possess any of the qualifications specified under state law, or any other section of the Charter, or if convicted of a felony while in office, shall immediately forfeit his or her office.  No member of the Council shall hold any other public office except as provided in the Constitution of the State of Texas.

Filing Period

No new applications will be accepted for the November 3, 2020 Uniform Election.

The following individuals have submitted an application for a place on the ballot (in order of filing)

Place 4:    Andre’ Byrd, Sr.

Place 2:    jean Green-Frazier
                  Kay Brown-Patrick
                  Pierette Parker (Ms. Parker has withdrawn her application)                                         

Early Voting Application Ballot by Mail to:
Toni Pippins-Poole - Joint Election Early Voting Clerk
Dallas County Elections
1520 Round Table Drive
Dallas, Texas 75247
Note: You can also email the application for ballot by mail to: