municipal court

Court hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Persons who have questions about their cases can text the Court Clerk at (972)737-7558. 

Persons who have received traffic citations from the DeSoto Police Department and cannot come to the court in person can resolve those citations through a video conference court appearance. Judge Kurth holds an E-Court docket each day at 10:30 a.m. (except for Wednesdays). The process is very user friendly: simply follow this link and click on VIDEO CONFERENCE THE JUDGE for instructions on how E-Court works and what options are available to you on E-Court.  When you are ready to meet with the Judge using E-Court, you will go to where you will be asked to download the “zoom” app.  Once the app is downloaded to your pc or mobile device, you will type in the meeting ID 582-661-129 that will immediately establish a video conference 

Following the E-Court appearance, the clerks of the Municipal Court will email a link to the defendant.  When the defendant clicks on this link, it will route them to the judgment that has been prepared for the defendant to sign.  Once the defendant signs the judgment using their mouse or finger (on touchscreens), the document is automatically routed back to the court where it will be filed on the defendant’s case.  The defendant is also emailed a final copy of the signed judgment for their records.