Goal #7

Construct a High Quality Aquatic and Recreation Center at McCowan Park


1. Review financial viability of competition pool

2. Develop Design Documents

3. Develop Construction Documents

4. Issuance for Construction Submission to the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

5. Implement Construction of the Aquatic/Rec Center


2nd Quarter Update
April 2023

In Q2, the City Council approved a contract with the City's selected Owners Representative firm who worked with the Architect and Construction Manager at Risk to complete 100% of the schematic design of the new facility. The final schematic design was presented to the City Council in March 2023. The Aquatic & Recreation Center facility is now in the design drawing phase, with construction to begin in the first calendar quarter of 2024. 

1st Quarter Update
January 2023

In Q1, staff evaluated the financial viability of an eleven-lane, 700-seat competition pool in comparison to an 8-lane, 350-seat pool as currently designed. Based on staff's research, it was determined that added costs associated with the additional infrastructure required to accommodate the competition pool would be cost prohibitive. Staff's recommendation to City Council was to continue with the current design of the proposed facility. In Q1, the City completed 90% schematic design of the new facility and approved a contract for the Construction Manager at Risk firm that will be responsible for constructing the approved design.