Trash & Refuse


Trash Code Violation

Trash is debris, rubble, stone, fragments of building materials and any other materials. Refuse is any type of accumulation of worn-out, used up, broken, rejected or worthless materials.

Code Requirements

These items must be placed in the proper receptacles at all times. The front, back and side yards, and the alley and easement must remain free of all litter, trash and refuse. The receptacle must be placed in the proper location either on the front right-of-way or in the alley for weekly solid waste pickup.

Bagging Trash Requirements

All residential trash must be bagged for garbage pick up. This is necessary even if the resident utilizes a plastic container. Residential customers shall utilize a plastic refuse bag that is designed and sold for the purpose of placing garbage, trash, or refuse in it for disposal. If your trash is not bagged, the solid waste contractor will tag the container and leave the trash to be bagged for removal. Habitual offenders of this ordinance will be fined.

To assist with compliance of this ordinance, trash bags are available for purchase at the Water Billing window in Town Center. These bags are 30 X 37", 2 ply bags that come 50 to a roll. 

Information on Illegal Dumping