Youth Advisory Council

  1. Christopher Glover

    Recreation Manager
    Phone: 972-230-9668

The DeSoto Youth Advisory Council is comprised of DeSoto residential teenagers that provide a formal process in the community to create opportunities and make teens aware of educational, cultural, and recreational activities within the community.
The purpose of the Youth Advisory Council is to be an advisory board to the Parks and Recreation Department and the DeSoto City Council.

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What is the Youth Advisory Council?

The Youth Advisory Council consists of students from the DeSoto Independent School District and students that reside within the city limits of DeSoto. Students in grades nine through twelve are eligible to participate.

History of DeSoto Youth Advisory Council
In 2005, DeSoto Youth Advisory Council was formed with six members. The council served as a vital component in DeSoto's 2006 All America City Designation. Now, DYAC averages thirty members annually. In 2009, a College Advisory Council was created. Former Youth Advisory council Members that are currently in college, assist YAC members with various events as well as being a support system for YAC members. Currently, ten members serve on the College Advisory Council. DeSoto Youth Advisory Council volunteers over 1000 hours of community service annually.

What exactly does the Youth Advisory Council do? 
The purpose of the Youth Advisory Council is to be an advisory board to the Parks and Recreation Department. More specifically, the youth council has three defined roles: 
  • To promote interest and receive input from the youth in the community to develop, promote, and sustain programs and activities designed specifically for the youth
  • To study, investigate and research youth initiatives in other communities
  • To promote the inclusion of youth involvement to other communities
Texas Municipal League Youth Advisory Commission Summit

The formation of youth advisory commissions (YAC) in cities across the state is a priority of the TML Board of Directors. In 2003, then-TML President Jackie Levingston championed the issue, and today dozens of Texas cities have programs that involve youth. This initiative provides cities with energetic volunteers for civic projects, gives city leaders a fresh perspective on issues challenging our cities, and creates a sense of accomplishment for youth. Click here for information.

Hip Hop Summit 
The major event that the Youth Advisory Council sponsors is the "Hip Hop Summit." This event is held the third Saturday in June. The major purpose of this event is to help aspiring musical artists, aged 13 - 18, to become more knowledgeable about the entertainment business. This event includes spoken word, visual artists, and DJ competitions. Local rappers, singers, dancers, mimes, and step teams are encouraged to audition.

The Youth Advisory Council also plays a supporting role in the following events:
  • Tree Lighting Ceremony
  • Parks Partnership Breakfast
  • African American History Film Focus Group
  • Daddy Daughter Dance
  • Briarwood Fishing Tournament
  • Easter Eggstravaganza
Participating in different events, YAC members learn about:
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing
  • Community Networking
  • Leadership Development
  • Program Administration
  • Participation Tracking
  • Program Evaluation
How do I join the council? 
To become an active member, please fill out the application form and return it to the Parks and Recreation Department administrative offices before the second Friday in September.