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Comprehensive Plan
Desoto's Comprehensive Plan

Adopted in April of 2003, the Comprehensive Plan establishes guidelines for the City of DeSoto to follow for future developments.  
  • The 2003 Comprehensive Plan Update has its foundation in the 1990 Comprehensive Plan, which was based on the Strategy 2000 Planning Study prepared in 1989. The development of the 2003 Comprehensive Plan was a coordinated effort of the citizens of DeSoto, the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, DeSoto Economic Development Corporation, Chamber of Commerce, City Staff, and a consultant team. While the 1990 Plan had a emphasis on service, capacity and infrastructure, the 2003 Plan focuses on a vision for the future.
  • The development of the remaining undeveloped land in DeSoto offers the opportunity to achieve, through careful planning and guidance, the type of community and the quality of life the citizens of DeSoto deserve.

The major sections in the 2003 Plan include the following: 
  • Existing and Future Land Use
  • Form Analysis 
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Streetscape Guidelines
  • Transportation
  • Urban Design
  • Vision Projects

See the 2003 Comprehensive Plan (This is a large file. Please be patient while it downloads.)

Final copy of revised Comprehensive Plan 07.31.2015

The community was surveyed about the direction of the Comprehensive Plan. See a summary of the results.

Download a presentation explaining the process to update the Comprehensive Plan.

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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is the official document that guides decisions for future growth and development in DeSoto. The Texas Local Government Code establishes the legal basis for the comprehensive plan, and it is used as the basis of subsequent zoning amendments. The Comprehensive Plan consists of a series of interrelated chapters, or elements, analyzing the community's future land use, transportation, urban design, and other infrastructure and environmental issues, needs, challenges, and opportunities.
The Comprehensive Plan is important because it sets the overall policy context for future growth and development for DeSoto. The Comprehensive Plan addresses growth pressures in the city, future public facilities needs, preservation of community character and natural resources, urban design and architectural standards, economic growth and quality of life initiatives, the fiscal impacts and responsibilities of new development, and other important issues affecting the quality of life and character of the city. Specifically, the Comprehensive Plan will include goals, objectives, and policies to:

  • Guide future growth and development within the city (such as general location and allowable densities and intensities of land uses)
  • Protect vital natural resources
  • Enhance community character through architectural and design standards
  • Identify needed public services and revenues based on projected population and employment growth
  • Meet community expectations regarding other important issues, such as sidewalks, streetlights, housing types, traffic and transportation, and other issues

How does the City use the Comprehensive Plan?

  • Ties in with functional plans such as the Parks and Open Space Master Plan
  • City business plan
  • Budget priorities
  • Capital improvement program
  • Development standards
  • Zoning and subdivision cases