Parade Insurance Requirements

SECTION A. The awarded vendor shall furnish a completed Insurance Certificate to the City, which shall be completed by an agent authorized to bind the named underwriter(s) to the coverages, limits, and termination provisions shown thereon, and which shall furnish and contain all required information referenced or indicated thereon. THE CITY SHALL HAVE NO DUTY TO AWARD THIS CONTRACT UNTIL CERTIFICATES HAVE BEEN DELIVERED TO THE CITY.

SECTION B. The City reserves the right to review the insurance requirements of this section during the effective period of the contract end to require adjustment of insurance coverage and limits when deemed necessary and prudent by the City, based upon changes in statutory law, court decisions, or the claims history of the industry as well as the vendor.

SECTION C. Subject to the vendor's right to maintain reasonable deductibles in such amounts as are approved by the City, the vendor shall obtain and maintain in full force and effect for the duration of this contract, and any extension hereof, at the Vendor's sole expense, special event insurance coverage written by a company approved by the State of Texas and acceptable to the City of DeSoto, in the following types and amounts:

1. Worker' s Compensation

(a) Statutory Limits: Varies
(b) Employers' Liability: Worker’s compensation as required by Texas law with the policy endorsed to provide a waiver of subrogation to the City, and employer’s liability insurance of not less than $100,000 for each accident.

2. General Liability

(a) Combined bodily injury: $1,000,000 per occurrence and property damage
(b) General: $1,000,000 aggregate. Where work is being performed in connection with an existing facility owned or leased by the City, the policy shall include fire legal liability of not less than $100,000 per occurrence.

3. Auto Liability

(a) Bodily injury: $500,000
(b) Property damage: $300,000 or combined single limits. Comprehensive automobile and truck liability insurance, covering owned, hired and non-owned vehicles, with minimum limits of $300,000, combined single limit each occurrence, and for property damage; such insurance to include coverage for loading and unloading hazards.
(c) Uninsured motorist
*Auto Liability may be included automatically, as a part of the special event policy.


Certificates of Insurance of each policy shall be delivered to the City Purchasing office along with a statement of endorsement from each insurance company that such policy shall not be canceled, non- renewed, or materially changed without thirty days written notice being given the City. Prior to the effective date of cancellation of such insurance, non-renewal, or material change, vendor shall deliver to the City a replacement certificate in compliance with this contract.

The vendor will assume complete responsibility for any claim of property damage, loss, theft, or bodily injury, which may directly or indirectly arise from the operation's performance under the terms of the contract. The vendor will hold harmless, release, and defend the City from all claims of liability that directly or indirectly arise under the terms of the contract. The vendor will be required to furnish to the City a certificate and copies of public liability insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 for combined single limits.

• Alternatively, a State of Texas Certificate of Self-Insurance may be furnished in lieu of a certificate evidencing Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Employers who have rejected the Act, and have not been certified as self-insured employers, may not be eligible for a contract award.

NOTE: The City of DeSoto shall be named as an additional insured party on Contractor’s general liability policy and any excess/umbrella liability insurance policies.