Mission Statement

The role of Public Purchasing in city government is to assure the purchase of goods and services for the best value. Sound purchasing guidelines contribute greatly to the economical and effective operation of the city and provide public confidence and trust in government.

The mission of the City of DeSoto's Purchasing Division is to procure quality goods and services necessary to provide the citizens with the services they expect at the best possible price within the guidelines of all applicable Federal, State, and Municipal purchasing laws.

MBE Letter - DFW MSDC - website9-13-23


The goals of the City's Purchasing Division include the following:

  • purchasing quality goods and services;
  • obtain the best possible price for goods and services;
  • encourage and promote interlocal cooperation among area agencies;
  • accept delivery of goods and services when and where needed;
  • assure a continuing supply of needed goods and services;
  • guard against misappropriation of any assets procured;
  • responsible bidders are given a fair opportunity to compete for city business;
  • public funds are safeguarded. Although the purchasing division does not usually designate the types of purchases to be made, it should see that the best value is received of the public dollar.
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