List of items that require a permit

Listed below is an example of items that would require a permit:
     • Movement of any structural walls
     • Wall Siding
     • Foundation Repair (with a licensed Engineer's report)
     • Slab work/ Flat work/ Driveway extension     
     • Addition/Remodel to a residence/commercial building
     • Window replacement
     • Sewer line replacement
     • HVAC repair/replacement
     • Addition or alteration of gas line
     • Irrigation 
     • Any Plumbing work
     • Any Electrical work
     • Any demolition work
     • Fence (new or replacement)
     • Roof or re-roofing/decking 
The City of DeSoto does have an ordinance (ordinance no. 2006-14) that requires a minimum 30-year limited warranty shingle. However, effective 9/1/2019 the State passed Texas House Bill 2439 (exterior building material restrictions)that supersedes the City of DeSoto’s ordinance.
If you have any future questions please contact the Building Official at 972-230-9621.

    • Patio cover/Carport/Pergolas
     • Storage/Accessory building
• Solar      • Demolition
     • Pools
     • Retaining walls (over 4ft)
     • Permanent Signs
     • Storm Shelter/Safe Room