New Submittals and Current Projects

On this page, you will see a list of all New Submittals and Current Projects that are under Staff, P&Z Commission, and City Council Review.


  1. Developers Submit Proposals.
  2. New Submittals are reviewed according to schedule (see Submittal Deadlines).
  3. Staff reviews all submittals.
  4. P & Z reviews all submittals with Staff recommendations.
  5. Submittals are included on City Council Agenda.

NEW SUBMITTALS (Jan. 23, 2023)

New Submittals  Date Submitted  

Under Staff Review

Under Review Date Submitted
PP-332-22; Ambrose Hills (715 & 725 E Beltline Rd.) 3.15.2022
PP-339-22; Watermark Estates (700 W. Parkerville Rd.) 9.26.2022
SP-661-22; Bay Valley Professional Center 12.27.2022

Project Review Status

Case Name P&Z Commission City Council 
Z-1485-22; Kirnwood Estates (804 Kirnwood Dr.) 12.13.22; Approved 1.03.22; Approved
Z-1487-22; Faith Family Academy (1601 Osprey Drive); Approved 12.13.22; Approved 1.03.22; Approved
Z-1486-22; Eagle Office Park (1507 Kestrel Ave) 1.24.23; 2.21.22;
Z-1488-22; Hampton Road Site  1.24.23; 2.21.23;
PP-337-22; Grand Parks (340 S Parks Dr.) 1.24.23; 2.21.23;
FP-1229-22; Meadow Acres/Uhal Addition 1.24.23;  
FP-1224-22; Summit Park Ph 3  2.14.23;  
FP-1228-22; Kentsdale Farms Ph4 2.28.23;