Goal #7

Construct a High Quality Aquatic and Recreation Center at McCowan Park


1. Review financial viability of competition pool

2. Develop Design Documents

3. Develop Construction Documents

4. Issuance for Construction Submission to the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

5. Implement Construction of the Aquatic/Rec Center


4th Quarter Update
September 2023

As of Q4, the budget reconciliation review at the completion of the design drawing phase resulted in estimates that the construction amount would be over budget without modifications to the design. Staff reviewed the modified design with the City Council that makes construction of the new building more efficient while maintaining all of the City's program elements and overall building square footage. The design drawing phase was reinitiated for the modified design, and staff anticipates to present the budget reconciliation review to the City Council in November 2023. This project will continue as a Business Plan Goal in FY 2024.

3rd Quarter Update
July 2023

As of Q3, the design drawing phase of the project has been underway with weekly meeting between project partners and City staff to ensure that the project meets the needs of the DeSoto community, addresses long-term maintenance concerns, and is constructed within budget. The project team is working on reaching the 50% Guaranteed Maximum Price project marker with the Construction Manager at Risk in Q4.