Goal #9


StrategicPrioritiesIcon-6 SMALL2

1. Develop a working group with ONCOR representatives to address continued conversion to LED technology

2. Identify streets that currently do not have LED lights

3. Develop criteria to prioritize locations for LED light installation

4. Develop phasing plan in order to replace prioritized street light bulbs and fixtures to LED technology

5. Update City’s Zoning and Subdivision Regulation Ordinances to require developers to install LED street light fixtures and bulbs in all new development sites

6. Update City’s Paving Design Manual to require developers to install LED street light fixtures and bulbs in all new development sites


3rd Quarter Update
July 2023

As of Q3, the City's Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) Upgrade Policy was finalized to prioritize the installation of LED light structures throughout the City's public roadways. The City also received estimate pricing for the replacement of streetlights throughout major corridor areas. The City's Subdivision Ordinance was updated to require the installation of LED streetlights on new DeSoto residential developments, and the outage replacement agreement with Oncor was executed to require the future replacement of LED streetlights on future outages, when required under the terms of the agreement. The City and Oncor are working to finalize a contract that will expedite LED replacement on major DeSoto corridors. 

2nd Quarter Update
April 2023

In Q2, staff created a draft Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Upgrade Policy that was presented and agreed to by the DeSoto City Council in March. The goals of the policy are to establish and identify the order for upgrading existing streetlights to LEDs and to establish a process that allows a Homeowners Associations to pay for the upgrading of existing identified streetlights located in their respective neighborhoods to LEDs. Under the proposed policy, the Development Services Director or designee will be responsible for implementing the Annual Streetlight Upgrade Program and identify the locations to be upgraded each year based on the amount of funding approved in the approved budget. The policy established the order of priority as being: 1) Arterial Streets, 2) Major Collector Streets, 3) Collector Streets, and 4) Residential Streets.