DeSoto, Texas Cultural Arts Foundation


The City of DeSoto believes that Residents from diverse backgrounds and abilities must be considered and included in the development of the City’s arts policies and programs. Through the arts, citizens develop belonging, pride and ownership in the city’s future because in DeSoto, there is:


If these words ring true to you, we need your invaluable participation in The DeSoto Texas Cultural Arts Foundation.  Be a voice in the implementation of the City’s Cultural Arts Master Plan for transforming Nance Farms into a historical Artist Hub.

Join the board!

Make a difference!

Be the change you seek!

  • Comprised of nine (9) members appointed by the City Council and four (4) non-voting ex-officio members of which two (2) shall be students, to serve as follows with term limits of six years.
    • Initial Directors
      • five (5) shall be appointed to serve a two (2) year term
      • four (4) shall be appointed to serve a one (1) year term 
    • Subsequent Directors shall be appointed to the Board for a term of two (2) years.

The Foundation Board will be challenged to:

  • Transform and enrich the City community by providing an intimate and dynamic experience with the arts across generations and across the region that inspires the exploration of curiosity, creativity, and culture; 
  • Administer the DeSoto Artists Lab artists in residency process
  • Lead the process of acquiring Public Art for the City of DeSoto
  • Nurture and promote the history of the City as its official historical society by collecting and preserving the basic materials of history both in written and digital forms and in the forms of art and artifacts and historical landmarks and sites;
  • Promote the use and understanding of history by supporting historical research and publication and sponsoring the dissemination and interpretation of that material to the public as a guardian for the City’s historic cultural diversity; 
  • Receive, invest and utilize funds and property acquired through the solicitation of contributions, donations, grants, gifts, bequests and the like for the Corporation’s purposes and perform charitable activities within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code§ 501(c)(3) and Texas Tax Code §l l.18(c).


At least, Quarterly Meetings as follows:

6:00 p.m. on the first Monday of the second month of the quarter in the Council Conference Room at DeSoto City Hall.

Additional meetings are likely to accomplish the Foundation’s mission.

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Rolanda Brigham
Arts, Culture and Heritage Manager

Kathy Jones
Community Relations Manager


Nicole Raphiel
Councilmember, Place 3