Building and Standards Commission


  • Comprised of five members and four alternates appointed by the City Council to serve for a two-year term with term limits of six years.
  • Serves as an advisory commission to review and recommend Ordinances to the City Council 

Meeting Schedule

The Building and Standards Commission meets on an as-needed basis in the Development Services Conference Room in City Hall.

Staff Representative

Mark Hardin, Building Official


Council Representative

Kay Brown-Patrick
Councilmember, Place 2
Email Councilmember Brown-Patrick




Initial Appointment: 8/14
Current Term Expires: 9/18
Ron Coley
Initial Appointment: 11/16
Current Term Expires: 9/18 
Cassandra Todd-Kyler
Initial Appointment:  11/16
Current Term Expires: 9/18
Beatrice Culley
Initial Appointment: 10/15
Current Term Expires: 9/17 
John Lewis
Initial Appointment: 09/14
Current Term Expires: 9/16

Ahmad Goree
Initial Appointment:  04/14
Current Term Expires:  9/16
Rhetta Washington McCoy 
Initial Appointment: 4/14
Current Term Expires: 9/18
Initial Appointment: 
Current Term Expires: 
Initial Appointment: 
Current Term Expires: