• The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to refuse any individual or group the privilege of using the facilities due to abuse of any facility policies.
  • Parking in the fire lanes is prohibited. Renters are allowed to use the designated parking areas for loading and unloading items.
  • Renters who abuse facility policies will be subject to losing their Damage Deposit. The renter may also be subject to paying other assessed fees associated with the damage incurred to City property and will be denied further use of the facility.
  • Renters failing to vacate the building by the end of their rental period will forfeit their Damage Deposit.
  • Renters shall comply with all laws: federal, state, and local. This includes the City of DeSoto Police and Fire Departments. Failure to comply with any and all policies will result in loss of Damage Deposit and/or cancellation of contract.
  • Returned Check Policy - Any returned checks on a damage deposit or rental fee will result in a $20 service fee. Upon receipt of a returned check, any and all reservations will be immediately cancelled. If no payment is received within 7 working days, the check will be filed with the Municipal Service Bureau and the customer is responsible for paying all fees incurred.