Selection Process

Selection Information

It is the policy of the DeSoto Police Department to employ the best police officers possible. To ensure that this is accomplished the department shall practice a fair and equal selection process to everyone regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.

The department’s selection process includes the successful passing of a written Civil Service Test, given by the Civil Service Director of DeSoto and a physical fitness test. This examination is competitive testing. Ranking is by final test score. Veteran points are added to the test score after successfully passing the test.


Includes the following:
· Completing extensive personal history information statement
· Preliminary interview
· Background investigation
· Oral interview board
· Credit check
· Driving record evaluation
· Polygraph examination
· Psychological evaluation
· Physical/medical examination
· Interview with Chief of Police

If an applicant fails to successfully complete any portion of the selection process, he or she will be immediately removed from consideration.

Study guide available here: