Asphalt Repairs

  • Asphalt maintenance personnel are responsible for repairing fallen sections of asphalt.
  • To repair asphalt sections, the street is cut and the fallen area is removed.
  • The area will be re-stabilized by adding a street base and asphalt will be installed in layers until it is brought up to grade level.
  • This process can take 1 to 2 days depending on how large the fallen area is.
Concrete Repair

  • Concrete maintenance personal is responsible for street, curb and gutter, and alley maintenance repairs.
  • To repair concrete streets, a full cut is made to the depth of the original concrete and removed and rebar is installed.
  • Concrete repairs on streets are more time consuming because it can take up to seven days for the concrete to cure.
Crack Sealing

  • Repairs consist of using a rubberized asphalt treatment intended to seal cracks in asphalt to prevent moisture from seeping below to the base and weakening the base.
  • This preventive maintenance measure is applied during the summer months.
Storm Inlet Maintenance

  • Storm inlets are checked and maintained by the street department.
  • Debris collected in these inlets can restrict the outflow and cause a flooding hazard during excessive rainfalls.
  • Please do not pour chemicals or blow leaves or yard clippings into inlets.
Street Sweeping
Document (1)The City of DeSoto operates a street sweeper. The sweeping program was started in December of 2002 and was paid for through the sanitation fund.

Our commitment to the community is to sweep all curbed one-mile grid streets each week and all curbed residential streets once per month. Major one-mile grid streets such as Polk Street, Pleasant Run Road, Hampton Road, etc. are swept first before moving into the neighborhoods. We are currently picking up an average of 24 cubic yards of debris every day.

The program is designed to help our streets remain free from litter and debris while protecting and preserving our natural environment. This service has proven to increase the quality of water runoff into our tributaries and Ten Mile Creek.

Each week the street sweeper will be in a different quadrant of the city.
Traffic Control

  • The City of DeSoto Street Department is responsible for the installation of all traffic control devices, which include signs, signals and roadway markings.
  • Currently the city maintains 17 signalized intersections.
  • The city does not maintain the signals along I-35 frontage road or along Belt Line Rd. These signals are maintained by TXDot.
  • The city also maintains 11 signalized school zones, nine of which are solar powered.
  • The city maintains over 5000 traffic signs and all roadway markings within the city limits.