Physical Agility/Fitness Test


The DeSoto Police Department recognizes the importance of physical fitness as it relates to job performance. The Civil Service Board has approved a physical fitness evaluation to be included in the required qualifications for the DeSoto Police Department.

The physical fitness evaluation is given to all candidates who pass the written entrance examination. This requirement helps to ensure each candidate can perform the rigorous duties and obligations that police officers are called upon to perform.

The physical fitness evaluation must be completed at the required minimum for the applicant to continue in the application process. If the applicant fails the test, he or she will not be allowed to continue on with the application process.

Applicants must be prepared to take the physical fitness evaluation on the same day as the written examination. Appropriate clothing and footwear should accompany each candidate. If an applicant cannot or will not participate in the physical fitness test, he or she will not be allowed to continue in the application process.

Appropriate exercise / workout clothing, including footwear, is required.