Water Service

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Do you know how the City's water supply system works and how it relates to your property? See a diagram of basic water plumbing by clicking here.
how to Start Service:
Required Documentation:
A copy of a Texas Rental Lease Agreement
A copy of Residential / Commercial Closing Documents
A copy of a valid government issued Driver License, State Identification or Matricula Card
To begin the process online click here. Ensure all information is completed.  A $40 deposit is required and payable by credit/debit card only.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail for your request and a second e-mail with instructions to provide required documentation. A final confirmation email is sent once the application has been processed. 

Why do I have to fax my Driver License?
To minimize any unnecessary exposure or fraudulent activity, we must have a copy of the Driver license to initiate service. Although the application can be completed online, the service will not be established without a copy of a photo id. We have no way to verify the driver license that has been provided on an online application is valid and correct for the requester, and consequently not expose our citizens to fraud and identity theft, except by having a copy of the DL. Thank you for your understanding.

To use the online service you must sign up at least seven business days before you require connection service.

In Person:
Complete the Water Deposit Application and the New Water Service Agreement and bring them, along with a $40 deposit and the required documentation, to the Utility Billing office located in City Hall at 211 E. Pleasant Run Rd.

If all forms are submitted and deposits are paid before 12 noon, we will offer same day water connection service. Otherwise, service will be connected the following business day. If forms are received after 12 noon and you require same day service, an additional $15 service fee must be paid.

Over the Phone:
The instructions are the same as in person, only you may fax the forms and a copy of all required documentation to 972.230.5795. After faxing the necessary forms, a $40 deposit is required and payable by credit/debit card only by contacting the office at 972.230.9627 and pressing "7" to speak with a customer service representative.

Deposit Waiver (Residential Only)
To waive the deposit, you must be residing at the property. You may submit a credit reference letter from any other utility company where you have had service for the last twelve (12) months. The letter must be on the utility company's letterhead, and must clearly indicate that there were no late payments, no NSF (Insufficient Fund) checks, and no disconnects due to non-payment. The credit reference letter must be submitted with the water deposit application and service agreement. Landlords and real estate companies may not apply for this waiver.
If you do not provide a credit reference letter, the $40 deposit is required before water service will be connected.

Deposits may not be waived when using the online service.

If you cannot be home for connection service:
We ask that you be present at your home when your service is activated, or sign a Waiver Release which allows DeSoto Water Utilities to attempt to connect the water service in your absence. (Please see Waiver Release for more information.)

The signed waiver release is not a guarantee that the service will be connected. If water is flowing through the meter when the technician connects the service, the water will be turned off at the meter to protect against potential leaks that might damage your property. If this happens, a notice will be posted on the front door requesting that you contact Customer Service. We will make a second trip to connect the water only when someone is present at the property and can verify that there are no open faucets or devices overflowing in the home. There is a $10 fee for a second trip.

Senior Citizen Discount
If you are 65 years of age or older, and currently reside at the property, you may request a discount on your monthly water bill. Fill out this form and provide a copy of your driver license. You may either fax the information to 972.230.5795 or return it to the Utility Billing office located in City Hall at 211 E. Pleasant Run Rd.

Transfer water service
Contact or visit DeSoto Water Utilities Monday - Friday at 972.230.9627. Provide the existing address (account must be in your name), disconnect date, and contact phone number. You will also need to provide your new DeSoto address and connection date.

Service can remain on at both locations for a maximum of 10 calendar days.