Water Tap Requirements

Requirements For water taps From 1"-2" In size

  • Applicable Permits must be acquired from the Building Inspection Department 972.230.9610, and Construction Inspection Department 972.230.9617, prior to the Water/Wastewater notification and/or performance of tap services.
  • Utility locations are to be requested by the contractor by calling DIGTESS 1.800.344.8377 for gas, electric, telephone, and cable. For water/wastewater, call 972.230.5724.
  • The water main is to be exposed by the contractor and large enough for utility crews to make a water tap. The hole should be shored properly if necessary. The hole should be barricaded off to avoid any pedestrian accident.
  • The Water/Wastewater Department should be notified seventy-two (72) hours in advance to the desired time of the tap at 972.230.5724 with lot number, block number, and physical address.
  • The contractor will supply the service line from the tap to the meter connection. The service line needs to be DR 9 or black poly (with stainless inserts for compression fittings).
  • The contractor/plumber is responsible for connecting the meter to the customer service line.
  • The contractor is responsible for back filling the hole and setting the meter box. The City will furnish the box when the new meter is set. The top of the meter, when set, shall be minimum 9”/ maximum 12” below top of meter box.
  • If the contractor cannot find water tap, contractor should call utility department for water main line location. The contractor will be responsible for exposing the main.
  • Water taps larger than two inches (2") shall be the responsibility of builder, developer, or owner.