CommunityAt the corner of I-35 and Pleasant Run Road, a landmark tower that extends more than 50 feet into the air is welcoming motorists up and down I-35 to DeSoto.

The construction of this tower resulted in the culmination of an idea that was first introduced in 2001, when over 300 citizens were involved in the process of updating DeSoto's Comprehensive Plan. During public input sessions about the Comprehensive Plan, many citizens said that they see DeSoto as unique and distinctive when compared to other cities in the area. They wanted visitors to DeSoto to realize that they have come to a special place, and they wanted something that would make a bold statement to motorists traveling both north and south on I-35 that DeSoto is a step beyond the ordinary.

As a result the bond election held in 2003 included a proposition that would fund the construction of a 50-foot tower that would make that bold statement. All propositions in the 2003 bond election received voter approval, giving the city the green light to draw up plans for the tower. The bond projects were scheduled over the following years and the tower was scheduled for 2007-2008. It was completed in January 2008.

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