Mission statement
The role of Public Purchasing in city government is to assure the purchase of goods and services for the best value. Sound purchasing guidelines contribute greatly to the economical and effective operation of the city and provide public confidence and trust in government.

The mission of the City of DeSoto's Purchasing Division is to procure quality goods and services necessary to provide the citizens with the services they expect at the best possible price within the guidelines of all applicable Federal, State, and Municipal purchasing laws.

City of DeSoto Diversity Vendor Business and Development Plan

As part of its Diversity Vendor Business and Development Plan the City of DeSoto is launching a campaign to connect with any minority-owned business presently in the City’s vendor data base that isn’t currently certified as a Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) by the state of Texas.  The City’s aim is to help each eligible business achieve MBE certification as part of its goal to provide minority business owners access to valuable opportunities and resources with the City of DeSoto. Minority vendor certification within the state of Texas has been known to help businesses grow and succeed.

The general qualifications for a business to become formally certified as an MBE by the state of Texas are as follows:

  • 51% owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individual(s) from one of the presumed groups (Asian-American, African-American, Native American, Hispanic)
  • Socially and economically disadvantaged individual(s) must manage and control day-to-day operations.
  • Personal Net Worth (PNW) must not exceed $1,828,000 for MBE certifications.
  • MBE applicant must have a facility located within the State of Texas for at least 90 days.
  • Must be a for-profit business

To help achieve its mission to more effectively target participation and inclusion from Diversity Vendors the City of DeSoto has partnered with the DFW Minority Supplier Development Council (DFW MSDC). The partnership is designed to assist eligible vendors with the process of becoming MBE certified. If you feel that your business qualifies for formal MBE certification per the guidelines listed above please follow the instructions below to apply for certification via the DFW MSDC website.

Steps to DFW MSDC certification:

  1. Select the MBE “Get Certified” tab on the Council’s website at www.dfwmsdc.com
  2. The tab provides information on the certification process and benefits of certification as well as an online application to apply for certification directly through DFW MSDC
  3. Review the pre-certification video: https://player.vimeo.com/video/728844433?h=81fcd52f58
  4. The Council provides a live certification Q&A every Thursday at 1pm – 2pm
  5. The Council provides MBE, SBE and State of Texas HUB Certification for all applicants that reside in Texas.

Additionally, please note that subsequent to a business achieving MBE certification for the first time the City of DeSoto is currently offering a one-time reimbursement for the certification cost up to $100. For reimbursement details please email procurement@desototexas.gov.

Objectives of the purchasing department
The goals of the City's Purchasing Division include the following:
  • purchasing quality goods and services;
  • obtain the best possible price for goods and services;
  • encourage and promote interlocal cooperation among area agencies;
  • accept delivery of goods and services when and where needed;
  • assure a continuing supply of needed goods and services;
  • guard against misappropriation of any assets procured;
  • responsible bidders are given a fair opportunity to compete for city business;
  • public funds are safeguarded. Although the purchasing division does not usually designate the types of purchases to be made, it should see that the best value is received of the public dollar.

Visit the following websites for cooperative purchasing information: